PISIX BAND For Motion Sickness / Morning Sickness Or Any Nausea

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 599.00 1,500.00


Pisix Band by MEDIEXCHANGE, is an adjustable wristband that applies steady acupressure to the P-6 acupressure point on the wrist to alleviate nausea and vomiting from motion sickness throughout traveling, morning sickness throughout pregnancy, post most cancers therapies, and surgical procedure anesthesia.

Precept Behind The PISIX BAND

Different nerve fibers carry signals to the mind at different speeds. Touch and pressure signals are carried by large-diameter nerve fibers and can arrive on the mind a lot ahead of pain sensation and signals, that are carried by small-diameter nerve fibers.
For instance, think about what occurs once you stub your toe. – The very first thing you’re feeling is a sensation of affect as your toe hits the wall. Then, a minute or so later, you’re feeling the pain from the harm to your toe, despite the fact that the tissue injury occurred on the similar second. It’s because information about touch sensations travels to the mind by means of quicker nerve fibers, whereas information about pain and tissue injury travels to the brain by means of slower nerve fibers. – The touch signals will at all times attain the brain first.

This similar precept applies to the different signals that trigger nausea and vomiting – the signals to the brain that activate the brain’s Vomiting Center. The neurological signals that set off nausea will travel to the brain by means of slower small-diameter nerve fibers.
However a PISIX BAND creates pressure signals that travel by means of quicker large-diameter nerve fibers within the median nerve to the mind. Making use of a PISIX BAND at this actual point (between two tendons and pressing the median nerve) will activate sensory receptors (proprioceptors), sending quicker pressure sensation signals to the brain, interrupting the signals that might set off the Vomiting Center.
And since PISIX BANDS are designed to offer constant pressure to the P-6 acupressure point, the quicker signals from the sensory receptors are continual, and the interruptions to the nausea-causing signals are continuous. Thus relieving the pain and discomfort that comes from nausea and vomiting.

PISIX BANDS can be utilized within the following situations specifically.

Motion Sickness

Any type of travel, on land, within the air, or on the water, can carry on the uneasy feeling of motion sickness. Generally, amusement rides and kids’s playground gear can induce motion sickness. Motion sickness is assumed to happen when there’s a mismatch between the information that the brain receives from the inner ear balance mechanism (vestibular system) and what the eyes ‘see’. For example, if the eyes inform the brain that an individual is stationary (such as looking inside of a cabin on a ship), however the vestibular system senses head movements (due to motion of the ship), then this is thought to trigger a mismatch of messages to the brain and results in motion sickness. Pisix Bands will help lowering the nausea related to the travel which can be a car sickness or sea sickness or flight sickness. Simply put on the PISIX BAND and have a safe journey.

Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

In accordance with Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) , at the very least 85 % of ladies experience some extent of morning sickness (could also be termed as nausea resulting into vomiting) particularly throughout pregnancy. PISIX BANDS is a preferred morning sickness solution for a lot of reasons because the product is 100% natural and topical. Primarily based on the traditional Chinese art of acupuncture which was adopted by western medical researchers, it really works utilizing nerve stimulation somewhat than medicine. One band worn on every wrist applies constant pressure to the P6 acupressure point. This pressure causes the discharge of chemicals (endorphins) that neutralize the body’s nausea impulse. PISIX BAND has no reported side effects and can be utilized for as long and often as necessary. Pregnant ladies who endure morning sickness for hours on end can admire this high quality. PISIX BAND may also be washed and re-used with out lowering its effectiveness.

Pisix Band


We simply tried PISIX BAND for Vertigo sufferers and have seen decreased in nausea & vomiting. Vertigo is caused by a small crystal known as an otolith which usually sits out of harm’s way in the heart of the center ear (the utricle and saccule). In BPPV, an otolith breaks free and enters one of many three canals that normally sign that our body is turning. The crystal causes pressure changes within the canal that trick the body into believing it’s turning, even when it is standing still. The resulting confusion causes vertigo. Right here, PISIX BAND which helps in lowering the vertigo by accupressure created by it on a P6 .


Migraine generally is a disabling neurological dysfunction, typically aggravated by accompanying nausea. Earlier research have demonstrated the efficacy of PISIX BAND and its continuous stimulation of the acupressure point PC6 for nausea aid as a result of motion sickness, postoperative nausea and chemotherapy-induced nausea. However, this May 2012 research is the primary published research geared toward verifying that pressure applied to the acupoint PC6 with PISIX BAND is effective at relieving nausea throughout migraine.

Pisix Migraine Pain Relief

How To Use It 

Pisix Band Working

  • Package Contains : 2 Pisix Bands
  • FREE SIZE, Fits Every Wrists.
  • Can Be Used By Adults & Children Above 3 Years

Reviews (11)

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11 Reviews For This Product

  1. by Riyan

    This product is amazing!! After using this for just a couple hours my daughter was able to eat and keep food and drinks down and rest! As a nurse I would recommend this item for someone looking for natural product.

  2. by Soni

    Work wonderfully. Thanks.

  3. by sid

    I have Vertigo and it is the only thing that works for me. I don’t know how it works but it works.

  4. by Leena

    I usually get carsick as a passenger for very long drives when I look at my phone/read on the drive.
    My husband and I just did a very long roadtrip in Iceland. I tested these out for this trip and happy to report back that they work 100%!!

  5. by Mr.D

    packaging was nicely done, but the product did not help me much …I will say it gave me 50% result.

  6. by nina1

    Definitely recommend if you suffer from motion sickness!

  7. by captainkaraa

    I purchased these for a friend undergoing chemo. I personally tried them while I was pregnant and couldn’t be in the car without them. I love that it is a very natural and easy option to reduce nausea symptoms. I would recommend ths

  8. by krishna

    A huge help during 1st trimester

  9. by P.chopra

    I do feel that they helped some, so I am giving them 5 stars. Even if it was just psychological help, it got me through some rough times.

  10. by mampi

    I wore them for a whole day of traveling to Himachal and thought it worked!

  11. by Mohan

    A miracle product! 5 STARS

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PISIX BAND For Motion Sickness / Morning Sickness Or Any Nausea

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