Adult Nebulizer Accessories, Kit, Parts Sets, Standard sizing fits for Handyneb Nulife,Omron Nec-25, Omron Nec-28,Dr Morepen cn-06, Romson Aeromac etc.

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Fast and effective treatment
Mask is made of soft clear vinyl
It’s compatible with all portable Nebulizer
Should be replaced every 6 Months
Tube and Mask is specially designed for all Nebulizers.

 299.00 320.00


The Nebulizer Kit with Adult Mask delivers fast and effective treatment efficiently while the easy-seal, threaded cap and 6 cc capacity anti-spill jar prevent leakage of costly medication. The Nebulizer Kit with Adult Mask includes neb cup or Medication Jar, Tubing, and Adult Mask. All nebulizers have specific parts and accessories especially designed to provide the most optimal breathing treatment experience for the individual user. While nebulizer kits often contain all of the parts and accessories a user requires, there are parts and accessories that are also sold separately.These individual purchases may be required to replace damaged or worn out parts, or may be needed for unique user requirements. The nebulizer set is easy-to-use, hand-held and disposable. Also, it’s compatible with all portable and home use compressors Nebulizer, offering fast nebulization times with greater particle density. The nebulizer cup is threaded to prevent leakage and it has a 6 ml capacity. This is a disposable nebulizer set that should be replaced roughly every 6 Months. Must be hand washed only.

Face Mask: The Mask is made of soft clear vinyl with an anatomical form. Masks fit over the nose and mouth, with several designs to choose from to fulfill individual preferences and unique concerns. It maintains proper positioning behind the head giving greater comfort for the patient.

Air Tubing : Tubing connectors attach the tubing from the compressor to the nebulizer cup to deliver the air that will atomize the medication. The tubing is specially designed for use with all nebulizers. Air Tubing for any standard compressor style nebulizers. The two large, wing tipped ends give you leverage to properly insert and remove the nebulizer tubing by twisting. Replaces any traditional nebulizer tubing that has become dirty or damaged. As part of your regular nebulizer maintenance, all tubing must be replaced at least every 6 months or sooner if any moisture, dirt, or holes get into the tubing. If your tubing becomes kinked, the air pressure getting to your nebulizer will be greatly diminished. If you notice moisture or discoloration in your tubing, it is time to replace it. There is no need to clean nebulizer tubing because only filtered air passes through it! If tubing gets wet, it must be replaced. In most cases, when the tubing is ready for replacing, you should replace your nebulizer set (that is the tubing, nebulizer cup, and mouthpiece and/or mask) together.

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Adult Nebulizer Accessories, Kit, Parts Sets, Standard sizing fits for Handyneb Nulife,Omron Nec-25, Omron Nec-28,Dr Morepen cn-06, Romson Aeromac etc.

 299.00 320.00

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